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Welcome to my web page. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Peter Parks.  My online persona is Phaeton.  I am relatively new to online marketing. I have been searching the Internet for some time now to discover how I can earn some extra income.

I am a senior citizen living in Canada . For more information about me you can visit my profile here.

It always seems to me that their is too much month left at the end of my money, especially that stretch between December and the end of January. At present the only income I have is my Canada Pension Plan and my Old Age Pension. Even with the supplement I find that there is really some tough sledding out there.

However, I believe that I have found the ultimate answer to my cash flow problems.

I have found that there is a fully qualified online program that is dedicated to training people in the online marketing field. This program is a Godsend for people like us that are struggling to make ends meet, or who may otherwise never have the opportunity to explore this method of developing a source of income in this field. I have personally searched the internet to find a workable solution to enhance my current level of income.

I would like to have you join me in this journey to gain extra income to supplement our retirement funds. Not only will we receive free training but we will also receive TWO FREE WEBSITES.  Not only is this program free of charge but there is also no credit card information required.

I for one am so tired of barely making it from one month to the next. Some of you seniors out there may be able to relate to me on that point. If so I invite you to join me on this journey into the unknown.

I was raised in the Maritimes and received my formal education in Ontario. I left school in Grade 10 to help out at home.  I entered the printing trade  in Hamilton, Ontario.

I worked in the Graphic Arts industry for 20 years.I have also worked as a farm worker, contractor for various news outlets,  courier, painter and also managed apartment buildings.  I enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

One thing that I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate, is the importance of setting goals.  In the past I have said, yeah sure, I know that and then set off willy nilly doing my own thing.  More on this in “My Getting Started” page.

If you have found anything on this page that has interested you or if you would like more information about me or the information on this page please leave a comment in the comment section below.





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