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Recently I Received A Very Rude Surprise.

I was reading a pamphlet that came in the mail for a supplement that was supposed to help increase your longevity. It was very well written and it seemed quite plausible. I dialled the 1-800 mumber and and ordered their product. At the same time I was offered an opportunity to receive free gas for ordering their product, so I agreed. For doing this I was offered a chance to receive coupons for discounts on groceries and other brand name products. Once again I accepted their offer.

Fast forward two weeks.  My supplements arrived in due course a few days late which was fine with me.  So far so good. A few days later I logged into my WA account and I was astounded by what I found.

All of my pages promoting Wealthy Affiliate where peppered with links advertising products that had absolutely nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate at all.  Just a word to the wise be very careful about accepting freebies that come as an incentive for ordering other products. They just may be loaded with extras that you really do not need or want in your life.


How Did This Happen?

Apparently when I left them with my e-mail address they somehow got access to my Google Chrome and they added their extension to it.  Once they had access they went their merry way inserting their own links wherever they wanted them.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong. When I finally clued in I went into Google Chrome and removed all of my extensions. Problem solved but it was a very frustrating time for me. I do hope that this blog helps you to become aware of the scams that are floating around out there.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review: As I See It (Part ll)

With this posting I would like to expand on the following points:  

                                                      Getting Started Training:

If you already have  a product or business in mind that you would wish to pursue then this is the place for you to begin. Just click on the green Get Started Here button to begin your journey.  Here you will find a series of 10 classrooms each one designed to help you along your way.

Many thousands of HELPFUL community members are online at any given time to help you with any questions that you may have or to give you a little push if you are hung up on anything that you are not particularly sure of.

Live & Interactive Help is available at all times (even in the wee hours of the morning!)  I myself particularly enjoy this feature as I some times find myself up quite late at night and I have found that most members are quite willing to lend a helping hand. We have all been in that position at one time or another.  I myself have found that the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.

Another Great Feature of the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Course is that you instantly become the owner of 2 fantastic Web Pages that you can completely design for yourself.  These webpages are built on the WordPress Platform which is the primary platform for the majority if not all Internet webpages. All this for the amazingly low price of $0.00. 

That is correct my friends. Zilch, Nada, all inclusive in your Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Course. 

Check out our $0.00 Starter Course here.




Is Running A Home Business Really For You?

Some common pitfalls that may have a great impact on your home business…

  •  Lack of a dedicated work area in your home that is free from distractions preferably  a separate room where you can be alone and able to work without any interruptions.
  • This will make you aware that when YOU ARE IN YOUR OFFICE THAT YOU ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE.  This will give your efforts more meaning and you will find that you are much more productive.
  • Lack of organized work periods. Having specific times of day to work and manage your business is crucial.  Imagine having an outside business without having designated hours of operation. No one would have any idea as to when your business and or your product would be available.
  • Lack of consistency. Develop a set routine and advise all family members that your office space is off-limits during business hours.  Try and keep your hours of operation as consistent as possible.
  • Not leaving any time for fun.  Remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Suggestions to overcome the common pitfalls threatening your home business…

           For a successful home business you must acquire a sense of discipline.  What is discipline you may ask.  Very good question. Discipline is a system of rules of conduct or method of training to improve strength or self-control in order to complete certain              tasks in order to achieve the results that you are looking for.

To properly start a home business you also require a plan.  Without a plan you run the risk of running your business into the ditch.  Making a plan for your business requires a certain amount of discipline.