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Beware of Spiders on the Web!

Remember this line?  “Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly” No truer words were spoken as the World Wide Web is rife with spiders lurking everywhere patiently waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to pass by.

Let me tell you of an experience I had just a few days ago.  I was printing up a few business cards for a friend of mine, but I was having some alignment problems.  I haven’t used my printer for quite some time and I had forgotten how to set my alignment up, plus I could not find my owner’s manual so I decided to visit the manufacturers website to get some help with my set-up.

Right there in front of my eyes was a link to call a toll free number for printer set-up so I dialed the number.  After speaking with the rep. he said he could not understand the problem and he wanted me to show him the page and he would see what he could for me. I asked him how I could do that and he said don’t worry I will take care of that for you, so I said alright.

In a matter of seconds he had complete control of my computer after some time had passed he said there try it now. I tried to print out some cards but my printer wouldn’t work at all. I asked him what he did to my printer because I couldn’t get it to work at all. Naturally he said he didn’t do anything but he said he would run a scan to find the problem.

That is when he dropped a bomb on me and he told me that my computer has been infected with a virus in my network.  He told me that he could not fix it as he wasn’t qualified to do that work but his supervisor could fix it for me at a nominal cost of only $399.99.

I told him he was out of his mind, that I couldn’t afford that kind of money.  Then he said, you are a Senior right, We can give you the Senior’s discount only $349.99. Yeah right.  He then went on to say that they could do a one time only fix for just $149.99.  So I told him no way and he left his number on my desktop in case I should ever change my mind.

The scary thing about this is that if he had of said $50.00 I probably would of said okay.  I must have been having a bad day or my brain had decided to take a holiday that day. lol

One more very important thing to remember is DO NOT EVER EVER relinquish control of your computer to anyone… EVER.

The moral of this story is to remain alert at all times when you are surfing the web.  there are spiders lurking everywhere.          Especially near or beside legitimate trusted sites.




! ! ! BEWARE ! ! !


   ! ! !    B E W A R E   O F   S P I D E R S    ! ! !

I would like to thank you for reading this article. Please leave a comment below  if it has helped you in some way.




  1. This is a very good article. I also had that happen when I was in a web page all the bells and whistles went off and I also had a tech on my comp. He asked for money. I told him hold on called my cousin who is also tech. Cousin told me to shut down my comp which I did and my cousin fixed it. Was a huge scam huge scam…..

    Nice catch on your part. Good to see you wrote about it so people will learn about it. Very nice….. Thank you

    • Thank you Joy. That really took me by surprise. I think that if it was $50.00 I might have gone for it,I was so shook up. After I shut down my computer I realized what had happened. I was truly upset to think that I had been so close to falling into that trap. We must always be vigilant.

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